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icon04/16/2014 - The End of the Year Banquet

The Maryland Twisters End of the Year Banquet is always a night of many emotions. It is a time to both reminisce on the season as well as a farewell to our graduating seniors. This year, we changed the format of the banquet and made it a black and white prom night! All the athletes looked dashing in their prom outfits! For the first time ever, we also handed out 5 specialty awards per team chosen by the coaches of each team. Congratulations to all of the athletes who received the awards! It was a fantastic evening and we cannot believe the season is coming to an end! Thank you all of the Twister parents, atheletes, and coaches for another stellar year! Don't foget that tryouts will be here before you know it! Listed below are the recipients of the awards:

Little Winds - Shonte & Kayla

Congeniality - Kayla Castillo

Most Improved Award - Rachel Hirschon

Unsung Hero Award – Chelsea Holden

Rookie of the Year – Alexis Gross

Twister Award – Sydney Clark

Reign - Matt & True

Congeniality Award – Noelle Barretto

Most Improved Award- Frost Anderson

Unsung Hero Award – Briyana Chisolm

Rookie of the Year – Taylor White & Michael Lober

Twister Award – Sarah Cooper

Hail - Matt & Shanell

Congeniality Award – Mackenzie Estrada

Most Improved Award- Tyarra Rodgers

Unsung Hero Award – Dasia Leathers

Rookie of the Year – Emma Peyton

Twister Award – Sara Baldwin

Fierce Winds - Kenney & Mike

Congeniality - Olivia Pecoraro

Most Improved - Mya Kelly

Unsung Hero - Lyris Brown

Rookie of the Year – Donni Blackwell

Twister Award - Sarah Moore

Coldfront – Ashley & Chase

Congeniality Award - Hannah Nicholas

Most Improved Award - Katie Crews

Unsung Hero Award - Lauren Farquar

Rookie of the Year - Kara Anderson

Twister Award - Lyanne Melendez

Cyclones – Kenney & Shonte

Congeniality - Jada Mason

Most Improved - Olivia Webster

Unsung Hero - Paige Hoyer

Rookie of the Year - Katherine Jäger

Twister Award - Ally Kardash

Vortex - Kristen & Patrick

Congeniality Award – Ryanelle Reed

Most Improved Award - Dominique Weaver

Unsung Hero Award – Dezirae Partin

Rookie of the Year – Jordan Troutman

Twister Award – Hailey Jester

Eye - Sharon

Congeniality Award – Brittany Hindt

Most Improved Award - Kaitlyn Edmunds

Unsung Hero Award – Heather Boyd

Rookie of the Year – Karin McGinnis

Twister Award – Jimmy Myrick

Mist - Mike & Jay

Congeniality - Taylor Bracalente

Most improved – Ryen Dill

Unsung hero- Iyann Williams

Rookie of the Year – Kelsey Gunderson

Twisters award- Brandi Lookingbill

Chill- Kayla & Nick

Congeniality Award – Krista

Most Improved Award - Julia

Unsung Hero Award – Natalie

Rookie of the Year – Sydney

Twister Award – Kayla

Cells- Kayla & Nick

Congeniality Award – Tamoni Winston

Most Improved Award – Tori Moore

Unsung Hero Award – Jodi Kircher

Rookie of the Year – Nikhila Reddy

Twister Award – Hunter Morris

Lady T’s - Will & Mitchell

Congeniality Award – Jess Pitts

Most Improved Award – Sara Rzegocki

Unsung Hero Award – Madison Helton

Rookie of the Year – Chloe Regino

Twister Award – Talaya Payne

Sidewinders - Chase & Nick

Congeniality Award - Adrianna Rivas

Most Improved - Gabrielle Pierce

Unsung Hero - Winter Davis

Rookie of the Year - Tiffany Williams

Twister Award - Natalie Shope

Waterspouts- Hollie & Margie

Congeniality Award - Nicole Wagner

Most Improved - Ashley Garrido

Unsung Hero - Kendall King

Rookie of the Year - Madison Brouillette

Twister Award - Alyssa Grinder


Congeniality - Jordyn Tyler

Most Improved - Abigail Pagel

Unsung Hero - Talia Smith

Rookie of the Year - Cayleigh Miskell

Twister Award - Kiera Davis

Downpour- Shanell, Mandy, Ashlie

Congeniality - Gabrielle Dorsey

Most Improved - Molli Barnett

Unsung Hero - Lexi Kinney

Rookie of the Year - Kennedy Bennett

Twister Award - Jakima Dyson


Congeniality - Mia Clark

Most Improved - Monae McMillan

Unsung Hero - Corrine Judd

Rookie of the Year - Kayanna Cunic

Twister Award - Roslyn Perry

Blast- Kim & Margie

Congeniality - Courtney Kruchesky

Most Improved - Sydney Martinez

Unsung Hero - Kameryn Clark

Rookie of the Year - Alexis McClam

Twister Award - Morgan Slagel


Congeniality - Fallon Harper

Most Improved - Gabby Carlson

Unsung Hero - Leah Babin

Rookie of the Year - Kailah Pinkney

Twister Award - Lauren Jermstad

Fourcast- Kim & Mandy

Congeniality - Somer Mann

Most Improved - Katie Kinney

Unsung Hero - Jasmine McCann

Rookie of the Year - Alex Casellas

Twister Award - Reagan Towers

Eclipse- Lisa & Mandy

Congeniality - Kyah Jackson

Most Improved - Courtney Coffren

Unsung Hero - Madison Hoffer

Rookie of the Year - Kyndall Kahouk

Twister Award - Leah Glascoe

Thunder- Jay & Patrick

Congeniality Award - Kaitlyn Weaver

Most Improved - DaLaney Saulsbury

Rookie of the Year - Maddie Booth

Unsung Hero - Kelsey Galery

Twister Award - Grace Rozek

Lightning- Katy & Nick

Congenitality- Hannah Jones

Most Improved- Julie Stone

Unsung Hero- Maya Mathers

Rookie of the Year - N'Seya Turner

Twister Award- Christianna Johnson

Weather Girls- Mike, Shanell, & Terri

Congeniality Award – Erin Langenstein

Most Improved – Noelle Kuehn

Rookie of the Year - Meghan Sheckles

Unsung Hero - Tori Abram

Twister Award – Taylor Carls

Cloud 9- Mike, Caitlyn, & Indya

Congeniality Award - Jenna

Most Improved - Patrick

Rookie of the Year - Carly

Twister Award - Alissa

F5- Kenney, Tara, & True

Congeniality - Steph Skolka

Most Improved - Alex Johnson

Unsung Hero - Chloe Beard

Rookie of the Year - Sophia Vasquez

Twister Award- AJ Singleton

icon04/16/2014 - A Farewell to Our Graduating Seniors

It is always a bitter, sweet feeling at the End of the Year banquet! We hate to see our graduating seniors go but we are both so excited and proud to see them off to all of their universities! A special congratulations to Briyana Chisolm, Brady Holland, and Hunter Robbins on earning the 3 Twister scholarships! Check out below where all of our seniors will be attending school in the fall!

Eye of the Storm

Brittany Hindt – online, Academy of Art University or The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Victoria Schlining – Anne Arundel Community College

Stephanie Allen – Project Search at Anne Arundel Medical Center

Heather Brown – working at Baysox’s Stadium

Zach Wilson - Humanum Workforce Development Services


Leah Glascoe – Arizona State University

Courtney Coffren – East Carolina University

Sarah Wood – College of Southern Maryland

Portia Holloman – North Carolina A&T

Jill Larkin – awaiting college response


Cheyney (Star) Manning – University of Maryland

Jasmine McCann – Hampton University

Joanna Wimbush – North Carolina A&T


Tori Brungart – University of Maryland

Kelcie Burch – Towson University

Taylor Chambers – Montogmery County Community College

Nicole Dresner – Undecided - Elon, Miami, University of Maryland

Paige Flanagan – Anne Arundel Community College or Towson

Zoria Green - Undecided

Kristi Kapp – East Carolina University

Alexandria Johnson – University of Louisville

Jada Lovick – Stevenson University

Kelsey Reed – Delaware State

Mackenzie Money-Williams - Widener University

Taelor Hodges – University of Southern Maryland


Gabby Milton – Towson University

Hunter Robbins – University of Florida

Rachel Troxell – University of Alabama

Lady T’s

Morgan Jones - University of Maryland

Kelsey Boyd - University of Alabama


Katlyn Robinson - Harford Community College for Nursing

Kaitlyn Borries


Amanda Edgar – Towson University

Brandi Lookingbill – Stevenson University

Shelby Taylor – Community College of Baltimore County

Skylar Galery – Prince George’s Community College

Sarah Trimmer – University of Alabama

Kelsey Gunderson - Undecided


Michael Lober – University of Maryland

Lacie Harris –Anne Arundel Community College

Brady Holland – Undecided - University of Louisville or James Madison University

Briyana Chisholm – University of South Carolina

Colvin Miklovic – Undecided

Shayna Price - Undecided

Weather Girls

Victoria Abraham – University of Louisville

Kayla Kress – University of Louisville

Jewel Cussacc – Undecided - University of Maryland, Towson University or York College

Jade Quinn – Undecided - Hofstra Univ, Baylor Univ, Univ of Maryland or Stetson Univ

Meghan Schekells – Towson University

icon04/14/2014 - Return to Atlantis

The Twister program attended Return to Atlantis in Baltimore this past weekend for our last, local competition of the season. What a way to finish out the season! The teams really put on a show and the energy in the arena when Twister teams were competing was unreal! Many of our teams had zero deduction performances and we could not ask for more! A special shoutout to Coldfront, Wrath, Lady T's, Chill, Downpour, Cyclones, Storm, Blast, and Weather Girls on being in Club Zero! We had many top 3 finishes and 7 national champion winning teams! During the last awards ceremony we had a level 5 sweep! Our RTA National Champs will be sporting their brand, new backpacks! Every year, this competition hands out specialty awards and Twisters received quite a few (check them out below)! Congratulations to Reign on winning Grand Champs of the entire competition and earning a check for $1,000! What a way to end the season! We cannot believe it is almost over but we are so proud of all of our athletes for an amazing season!





icon04/07/2014 - Lots of Fun at Reach the Beach

Maryland Twisters took the entire program to Ocean City to compete at Epic's Reach the Beach competition. We brought back a lot of first place surfboards and backpacks! A special shout out to Wrath, Hail, Fierce Winds, and Thunder on having the highest score in each of their award sessions! Wrath also received a full paid to the US Finals! They will be joining some of our other Twister teams in Virginia Beach! All of the teams had amazing performances and many walked away with zero deductions both days! Weather Girls rocked at the beach both days, won $2,000, and were your reach the Beach Grand Champions! What a great weekend to be a Twister!

icon03/24/2014 - Awesome Showing at Athletic Championship

Maryland Twisters had 26 teams competing this past weekend at the Athletic Championships at Showplace Arena. Sixteen out of the 26 teams brought back national champion banners and we were one team shy of completely sweeping levels 3,4, and 5! All of the other teams put on great routines and placed in the top 3! The teams put on phenomenal performances and our mini program ended on a high note. A special congratulations to both Sidewinders and Mist on being grand champions in levels 1 & 3. Listed below are specailty awards that other teams earned! GO Twisters!

Sidwinders: Best Dance & Grand Champions

Thunder: Best Choreography

Mist: Grand Champions

Hail: Best Dance

Reign: Best Stunts & Best Choreography

icon03/08/2014 - NCA

Once again Maryland Twisters attended at the NCA Allstar Nationals in Dallas, TX! This is definitely the most competitive competition in the entire country for all levels and we had the honor to compete against the best teams in the world. We walked away with 7 top 10 finishes and 5 of those teams placing top 5! Supercells were leading their division after day 1 and F5 had the highest raw score of their division! The teams and coaches are returning home re-energized and ready to finish out the season Twister strong! Can't wait to go back next year! GO Twisters!

icon02/24/2014 - Twisters Showing Off at Showplace

Maryland Twisters competed at a Cheer and Dance Extreme competition this past weekend and rocked the floor! We brought our levels 1-3 and all the teams put on great performances! We brought back 6 first place finishes and all those teams will be receiving a championship ring! A special congratulations to Downpour on earning the highest level 2 score of the entire competition! Way to go Twisters!

icon02/17/2014 - NCA Classic

Maryland Twisters took our levels 3-5 to the NCA Classic over the weekend and once again all the teams looked great! Nine out of the twelve teams we brought to the event not only won first place but most of them received specialty awards as well! Chill earned Best Tumbling, Fierce Winds earned Best Jumps, F5 received Best Tumbling, and Hail received Best Stunts! Fierce Winds also received the highest level 4 score of the entire competition making them Grand Champions! Reign had the highest score of the competition! The teams are definitely ready to take on Dallas in 2 weeks! GO Twisters!

icon02/11/2014 - Twisters Are Going to Worlds for FREE!

Maryland Twisters has consistently brought multiple teams to the Cheerleading Worlds since 2006! We are excited to announce that this season is no different and that we will be sending 5 teams to Orlando! Congratulations to F5, Reign, Weather Girls, Lady T's, and Eclipse on receiving bids to the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds! F5, Reign, and Weather Girls have all earned their FULL PAID bids to Worlds so far! We can't wait for April! GO Twisters!

icon02/10/2014 - Twisters Dominate BATC

 Maryland Twisters had a stupendous weekend at Battle at the Capitol, where we earned 12 National Championship titles! The entire program had strong performances and we could not be more proud of the routines the athletes put out on the floor. Congratulations to Sidewinders, Cyclones, Thunder, Blast, Supercells, and Reign on earning grand champions in their perspective divisions! The entire level 5 program in the Glen Burnie gym swept the competition, all winning their divisions! Weather Girls had the most level 5 competition and not only won but also earned a paid bid to the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds! The program as a whole as never looked so strong! The results are truly a testament to the new level training we implemented during the summer and we would like to thank the parents for trusting us in our decision. What a great weekend to be a Twister! Next stop...Cheersport!

icon02/04/2014 - Twisters Hit Atlantic City

Maryland Twisters had a phenomenal weekend at Battle at the Boardwalk in Atlantic City! We had many first place wins and many of our teams are bringing back their national champion backpacks! Supercells were invited to the very first Future 5 competition, which was an invite-only event of only the best of the best junior teams from across the country! Cells won their division and had the 3rd highest overall score. Chill received a judges' choice award and won free shoes from Nfinity! Blast won their division and also were the grand champions in level 3. Reign had 2 fantastic performances, received the highest score of the competition, and brought home a paid bid to the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds! Lady T's, our international all girl, also won their division and received an at-large bid to Worlds after only having 7 practices together! What a great day to be a Twister!

icon01/25/2014 - Maryland Cup

Maryland Twisters took our levels 1-3 to Upper Marlboro and they rocked the floor at the Maryland Cup competition. Over half the teams we brought to the competition walked away with a first place finish! Downpour received the Gold top team winner award and Lightning received not only the Platinum award but the highest score of the competition! What a great weekend to be a Twister!

icon01/21/2014 - Indy National Champs!

Maryland Twisters returned to Indiannapolis to attend the 2014 Jamfest Supernationals! All of the Twister teams put on phenomenal performances and we are bringing back 4 national titles! Congratulations to Fierce Winds, Fourcast, Chill, and Supercells on earning those national champion jackets! Next stop...Atlantic City! GO Twisters!

icon12/21/2013 - Eye's On the News!

icon06/27/2013 - Twisters Invited to Champion League

In 2004, Maryland Twisters F5 was invited to the very first Cheerleading Worlds and since then the competition has grown into one of the most prestigious events in our sport. Once again Twisters will be attending a one of a kind event in its' inaugural year and we are extremely excited that we will now be sending not 1, but 2 teams! In 2014, both F5 and Reign will be attending the very first Champion League event in Philadelphia, PA! The competition is an exclusive invite-only event with the top 26 elite teams in the country. The Champion League is organized by a group of dedicated gym owners and will be backed by the Nfinity Company. It is truly the first of its’ kind and shows true sportsmanship and comradery amongst gym owners from across the country. We are very proud of both teams for having such amazing reputations in the industry and we look forward to competing against the best teams in the country. Yell for Twisters!


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